Older Adult Fitness Teacher Training

Since 2001, Jeanne Missey Osgood has been working on and refining a fitness class that's ideal for the older adult population, age 50+ referred to as "Total Fitness". Participants can range in age from the mid-50's well into the 90's and beyond. This DVD is user friendly for any fitness level.

The name, "Total Fitness", should suggest to you that throughout the class participants work to improve total body fitness with regards to flexibility, balance, cardiovascular endurance, agility, coordination, and muscular endurance. To do so, the class has been created using elements from several forms of exercise including yoga, Pilates, low impact aerobics, strength training and ball drills. Some of the movements are performed sitting in a chair while other exercises are done in a standing position with the chair for a prop. Many of the exercises can be modified to best fit the needs of the individuals participating. The class is designed to allow participants to playfully interact with each other and the instructor while they learn more about their bodies.

With a rise in the older adult population comes a greater need to develop fitness programs that are specific to the aging experience. Total Fitness was designed for the older adult.

Jeanne has been able to create a video that will allow others to enjoy the same fitness class that has been so popular within her community for so many years. This DVD is thorough enough to be used by other instructors to develop their own older adult fitness classes.

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Pilates Teacher Training

by the Arizona Pilates Academy

This training tool is designed to demystify Pilates and to teach Pilates principles and exercises in a user friendly, cost-effective and self-directed way for the already certified group fitness instructors and personal trainers who would like to understand and add some Pilates work into their training sessions with clients. 

The training includes 7 DVDs and 1CDs covering:

  1. * Introduction to Pilates

  2. * Fundamentals

  3. * Matwork

  4. * Small Tools (Circle, Band, Stability Ball and Foam Roller)

  5. * Communication and Cuing Skills

  6. *Intake Procedures

  7. *Anatomy of the Core

  8. * Reformer Training

  9. * Cadillac

  10. * Wunda Chair

  11. * Arcs

  12. * Older Adults

  13. * Relaxation Techniques

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